Xhorse XP-007 Cutter Review: 1.5mm or 2.5mm?


This machine Xhorse XP-007 where I can get information on what cutters to use depending on the model key.


In Dolphin XP007 package, we have a 1.5mm and 2.5mm cutter.


Customers’ Voice Louder than Words:

1.5mm Cutter

Review 1

With the 1.5 cutter I bring you can cut Honda and Ford Regatta with the 2.5 Chevrolet VW.

That machine is cool little by little you’ll go grabbing the wave just like looking for videos on YouTube with that short machine the keys also with the 1.5 cutter


Review 2

I just leave the 1.5 in all the time l, takes longer to change it then it does to cut a wider cut key with leaving the 1.5 in it


2.5mm Cutter

Review 1

The best strawberry is the 2.5 mm one allows you to make almost all keys

For use and personal experience I tell you

The 1.5 is possible, but being thinner there is a greater risk of it breaking


Review 2

2.5 is better for all keys less passed than 1.5


Watch the thickness and material of key blades and the width of cut.

Hope this could help!


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