Xhorse XDNP30 BOSH ECU Adapter Connection Diagram

Xhorse XDNP30 Bosh ECU Adapters with 2 Cables (ECU A & ECU B ) work with VVDI Key Tool Plus/VVDI Mini Prog for BMW ECU ISN Reading without soldering. Supports N55 N20 B38 B48 and more than 80% F Series type.
No need for soldering, convenient, fast, and reliable. Avoid the risk of damaging the ECU by opening the cover.

ECU A cable Connection Diagram with Key Tool Plus


ECU B cable Connection Diagram with Key Tool Plus:


Xhorse XDNP30 Bosh ECU Adapter with VVDI MINI PROG:


And here is the video how to use MINI Prog and BOSH ECU Adapter?



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