Two ways of MINI Prog and Xhorse APP Connection

Xhorse MINI Prog programming pen is an independent device for reading and writing data. It can store data without relying on a PC. For most 8-pin ICs, you can use a pressure contact to read and write data. It is working with xhorse app, and this blog is about how to connect MINI Prog with Xhorse app,two ways.

1.Defaulted way via bluetooth.

Firstly, power on MINI Prog

Enter Xhorse APP

Click connect in the upper left corner
Find devices, connect

After connect OK, you can read and write data

The defaulted way is to use Bluetooth connection
Bluetooth connection advantage is connected fast with the device
The disadvantage is when reading some CPUs with relatively large storage capacity will be much slower
If you want to increase its read and write speed
Use WIFI or mobile hotspot to connect

2.WIFI Connection

Turn on the personal hotspot of the mobile network
It displays a personal hotspot name and password
Turn on personal hotspot


Enter the Xhorse APP
Click More Functions>>Connection Mode

Switch to WIFI connection


Exit the page,back to mini prog main page
Click on the upper left corner to connect the device
Select device, reconnect
Enter hotspot name and password

Then click OK


If we have a WIFI indoor, use WIFI connection is OK, the method is the same like hotspot.
This reads and writes faster. Ordinary octagonal chip, using Bluetooth connection. Read and write CPU and other large storage capacity, use WIFI connection

Here is the video