Xhorse VVDI MINI Key Tool Lite Preview

Xhorse VVDI MINI Key Tool Lite Support Android with Type C Port. It will release later time. And here is the preview of VVDI Key Tool Lite.
1.MINI Key Tool Lite Functions:
1. Support Android phone direct connection
2. Remote control generation (support Toyota XM Smart key, universal smart key, wireless remote, wire remote, super remote)
3. Remote control frequency detection, remote control cloud recognition
4. Chip identification, chip generation, chip copy (46, 48, 4D 70/83, 8A/H, G, 4E, Suzuki Kaiyue folding key , 11/12/13/4C, 42, 33, 47, Haima 8C, Proton 8C, etc.)
5. Special functions

  • Ignition switch coil signal detection.
  • Set type of VVDI super chip
  • VVDI Special TP
  • Smart key password calculation
  • Remote renew
  • Unlock Toyota Smartkey
  • Honda cycle key renew
  • 8E remote upgrader, unlock and frequency coversion
  • Mazda ID 49 smart key light repair
2. How to use VVDI MINI Key Tool Lite
VVDI MINI Key Tool Lite Info:
VVDI Lite Connection Guide with Phone

VVDI MINI Lite work with Android Phone Xhorse APP:

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