Xhorse Toyota 8A AKL Smart Key Adapter Review

Xhorse Toyota 8A AKL Smart Key Adapter is designed for Toyota smart key akl programming. It is only compatible with VVDI Key Tool Plus.

Here we will share three reviews with you.


Before programming Toyota smart key, it is required to generate XM38 Toyota Remote by part number on PCB.



Review 1

Successfully programmed a smart key for a Toyota Rukus, in Australia. Despite the board being a 0010, this only works with the 3370 program.



Review 2

Program 2019 RAV4 0410, with smart adapter, ktp failed, but it did be on the list, my 2019 RAV4 0410.




Review 3

Yaris 2020 4A success, smart adapter and VVDI Tablet. CAR is not on the support list but success anyway.



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