Xhorse Toyota 8A Adapter “Failed to unlock immobox” Tips

Xhorse Toyota 8A adapter is for non-smart toyota key.And we received feedback that:

Working on a Toyota Yaris 2015 lost keys and having problems with the new vvdi 8A adapter. Connected it up and able to have the dash to com on/off and the immo light on the dash near the bottom of the windscreen to flash. Connect to server but after 2 minutes a fail message appears. If I have the wiring wrong or tried to read more than 5 times then I have used up my daily limit and have to wait (even if i don’t make a transponder… Grrrrr). I have to wait until Monday to try again I have been on this car for 4 hours with out success.



Toyota 8a adapter ,it does not support now.For more car models,please more time.Thanks.

And for Toyota 8a adapter,the connection diagram


Or you can check video

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