Xhorse Christmas Sale:Condor MINI Plus $2799 VVDI MB $1100,VVDI2 Full $1599

Dear Xhorse Customers,

Condor XC-Mini Plus Key Cutting Machine is on Christmas sale only $2799,customer who has first generation of condor key cutting machine serial number KM02 KM03,send us SN and phone number,can get 2799USD,save 300USD!


2.VVDI MB Tool only $1100USD DHL Free,no need condor

If you purchase more,contact Susie online to get more discount!

If you have VVDI2 full/advance version(has BMW OBD+CAS4+VAG4th 5th authorization), send us your VVDI2 SN. We will add the following 4 Authorization.
Your VVDI2 advance version can get free functions:

  • 96bit ID48 calculation activation
  • OBDII ID48 activation
  • MQB activation
  • FEM activation

Or you can choose to get free:

  • 96bit ID48 calculation activation
  • MINI Key Tool
  • MQB activation
  • FEM activation


3.VVDI2 Full Authorization 13 Software Activated $1599 DHL Free


4.Purchase VVDI BMW Tool,condor dolphin xp-007 manually key cutting machine


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