Why do you choose Audi J518 ELV Emulator?

Audi A6L and Q7 commonly used 8E chips. Those corresponding Audi cars, there will be a common problem: the remote control fails and the car cannot be started without unlocking the key after inserting the key. At this time, you can activate gateway, read the fault code of the 05 control unit and clear error code to start the vehicle for emergency.


In order to solve this problem, J518 elv emulator will be a good choice.

Features of Audi J518 ELV Emulator:

1: One to one corresponds to the size of the original car J518, which can be directly installed in the original car J518 shell

2: If there is the original car data, directly import the original car EEPROM data.

3: Compatible with 128 and 256 CPU storage, no need to distinguish the type of original car chip.

4: Even if the original car data is lost, you can use this simulator for online programming, and you can use it after programming.

5: You can read and write data directly on the 20-pin interface, and the operation is simple

6: It can simulate the original ELV sound, so that customers can experience the original car accessories.

audi-j518-elv-emulator-2 audi-j518-elv-emulator-3


The emulator without lock or on lock function, if need the same function as the original J518 Module, please buy the J518 Replacement

The WDI PROG dedicated programming cable connector here is only for programming the emulator board, not for original J518 PCB board.
so if you have a car which need replace the J518 module with this emulator, you need read out the data in the MCU by soldering wire or other methods, then write the data into the emulator MCU via this Dedicated cable connector.

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