VVDI2 ID48 (VV-03)(VV-04) Copy Function Authorization

(VV-03)VAG Copy 48 transponder by OBDII

(VV-04)COPY 48 Transponder (96 bit)

What cars does this work on?

How does it work?



1.(VV-03)VAG Copy 48 transponder by OBDII 

VAG 48 Copy function can do like 2015 skoda octavia,2015 audi Q3,14,15,16Tiguan and part of 24C64,24C32 all key lost by OBD.

2.(VV-04)COPY 48 Transponder (96 bit):Can copy ID48 chip data without OBD connection to the car incl. VW 2015-2017
Cannot program a new key when all keys are lost

1.Need to work with VVDI2 48 Chip Copy data collector (NO Need Register Condor).(Item NO.SK205)
2.Sale 245USD till Oct 24th.After the time,price will up to 319USD.

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