VVDI PROG Solder-free Clip Adapter for SOP8/DIP8 Chips Using Tips

VVDI PROG Solderless Clip Adapter is designed to read/write SOP8/DIP8 chip without soldering. In this article, we’ll talk about some using tips for this clip adapter.


First, VVDI PROG is impossible to read/write all 8-pin chips on the circuit board without soldering.

Supported chips

When using this clip adapter, we’d better read/write recommended chips like BMW FEM/BDC 95128 95256, some Toyota 93C66.



These chips had been tested by the producer, so data loss is hard to happen.

Generally, VVDI PROG Clip Adapter supports 24CXX, 25XXX, 93CX6, 93XS6, 95XXX, S29X90, ST95P0X, etc.

The complete support list:


Other chips

For other chips without tests, we can have a try, but the data we got may be incorrect.

For example, we can get data of 93C86 chips on a Porsche/VW Kessy module but error out when a device is handling its data, which indicates incorrect data. In this case, desolder it to read data;



Or sometimes we don’t have a password reader, we may need to remove the module and desolder the chip to read the password like Johnson BSI 95128.



In a desoldering way, little will affect the original data, even we read out incorrect data. In addition, Do Not write data into untested chips by solder-free adapters, which could cause data loss.

Other tips

Besides, when we use the Clip Adapter or the socket, do care about other components around the 8-pin chip we want, and prevent them from being damaged by hot air or clip adapter.


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Hope this could help.


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