VVDI Prog Read BMW EWS3 MC9S12 “Try Frequency Fail” Error Tips

VVDI Prog when read BMW EWS3 MC9S12,got the error “Try Frequency Fail”,just like the following pic:

vvdi-prog-read-bmw-ews3-mc9s12-try-frequency-fail-error-tips-1-864x1024 vvdi-prog-read-bmw-ews3-mc9s12-try-frequency-fail-error-tips-2 vvdi-prog-read-bmw-ews3-mc9s12-try-frequency-fail-error-tips-3


It needs to try different frequency to communicate. The VVDI Prog software gives some common default value, but if the defaulted value fail.You need to set the frequency manually according to the module PCB.


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