How to solve VVDI Prog Try Frequency Failed error?

VVDI Prog is perfect tool to read MCU, ECU, IMMO. etc. And we received some feedback about VVDI Prog “Try frequency failed” error. Here is some suggestion.

1. BMW series 1 Try frequency failed?

How-to-solve-VVDI-Prog-Try-Frequency-Failed-error-1 How-to-solve-VVDI-Prog-Try-Frequency-Failed-error-2

Please check wiring diagram in VVDI Prog software again and re-welding the SCK clock line.

2. MCU RENESAS-V850 Try frequency failed


Test few more modules, if all still the same erro, it should be a problem with the device’s crystal oscillator. Please contact the seller you bought from to get repair process.