VVDI PROG Programmer Read Benz W209 Successfully

VVDI PROG is good tool to work with VVDI2 or VVDI MB Tool.For some key lost,you can use VVDI Prog read dump tool file and then use VVDI MB Tool or VVDI2 to prepare key file to add new key.Here we will show Benz W209 by VVDI Prog,the steps are simple,please confirm the soldering is just like wiring diagram shows.

vvid prog benz w209

1.VVDI Prog software,choose the W209 type.And W209 type pic.

vvid prog benz w209

2.Check diagram,connect like diagram shows.

vvid prog benz w209

3.Read data.


vvid prog benz

4.After read succefully,save the data.

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