VVDI PROG and VVDI2 Get PIN and 7 bytes CS Passat B6/CC 4th IMMO

VVDI2 can support Get PIN and 7 bytes CS Passat B6/CC 4th IMMO from comfort module dump(95320).Here we will use VVDI Prog to read the dump file,and then use with VVDI2. Following blog is some simple steps.

1.VVDI PROG Read dump file. Choose the right brand and read.

After read successfully,save the file it reads out.

vvdi prog and vvdi2

vvdi prog

2.Connect VVDI2.


Start VVDI2 VAG software,enter into:Passat B6/CC 4th IMMO.

vvdi2 cs pin

3.Choose Get component security data from comfort module dump.

vvdi2 cs pin

4.Load eeprom.

vvdi2 cs pin

5.After loading, click decrypt 95320 dump.

vvdi2 cs pin

6.After decrypt,it shows out PIN and CS.

vvdi2 cs pin

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