VVDI Key Tool Renew BMW 5WK49415 E Series Key Successfully

VVDI Key Tool support to renew keys,and tested on BMW 5WK49415 E Series Key is OK,here is some steps about VVDI Key Tool unlock.

VVDI Key Tool read the old key.It shows locked status.

vvdi-key-tool-renew-bmw-5wk49415-1 vvdi-key-tool-renew-bmw-5wk49415-2

Chooser remote renew function,and detailed key type.

vvdi-key-tool-renew-bmw-5wk49415-5 vvdi-key-tool-renew-bmw-5wk49415-6

Press enter to continue.


Connect key with vvdi key tool,if you have adapter,you can use 8 BMW-E adapter.

If without,please do wiring like our wiring digram v3.0 guide display.



Writing data.


vvdi-key-tool-renew-bmw-5wk49415-8 vvdi-key-tool-renew-bmw-5wk49415-9

Test key again,it shows unlocked status.




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