Free Download VVDI Key Tool Remote Unlock Diagram V2.0 Version

Xhorse V2.0.6 VVDI Key Tool is update recently,in the newest update it shows:remote renew(*refer to latest diagram V2.0 version*)
+add renew GreatWall H2 smart key
+add renew Mazda Atenza CX-5 smart key
+add renew Hyundai SVI_MDFGE03 smart key
+add renew Hyundai MP13L_12 smart key
+add renew Buick A2C53360923 remote
+add renew Nissan-CWTWB1U825 smart key
*fix Nissan Hitag3/AES renew failed problem
*fix Chrysler cannot renew problem
*fix parts of key renew unstable problem

VVDI Key Tool built-in dozens of vehicle models for renew remotes (adding continuously),users can use renew adapter or soldering wires connect PCB to renew.And we have VVDI Key Tool Plus VVDI Key Tool Renew Adapters bundle package for sale


1.Free download VVDI Key Tool Remote Unlock Diagram V2.0 Version(2017.8.29)


VVDI Key Tool Remote Unlock Diagram V2.0 Version adds more than before:

The following shows part of newly add diagram,you can download to check more


vvdi-key-tool-wiring-diagram-v2-3 vvdi-key-tool-wiring-diagram-v2-4 vvdi-key-tool-wiring-diagram-v2-5 vvdi-key-tool-wiring-diagram-v2-6 vvdi-key-tool-wiring-diagram-v2-7

More vehicle types will be supported continuously.