VVDI Key Tool Plus Program Honda Acura RL 2005 Tips

VVDI Key Tool plus full version all in one security solution. And we received feedback that

The vvdi tablet can be used as acura RL 2005 in the model

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but after entering into the menu, it shows need to change the fuse position


Immo system (2005-2007)>
Operation prompt:If it is the Odyssey type from 2007 to 2008,need to change the position of the fuse in the engine compartment first and then program,otherwise can not enter the IMMO system.
1.Add a key
(1).Insert original key,switch ignition on
(2).Turn the ignition off.
(3).Switch ignition on
(4).Turn the ignition off.
(4)Insert the new kev and switch innition on within 15 seconds

Engineer reply:

If your car is not the Odyssey type, no need to change fuse, continue to do is OK.



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