VVDI Key Tool Plus Possible to Program VW MQB48/ MQB49 System?


Possible to program the VW MQB49 system or MQB48, VVDI Key Tool Plus Tablet? Is there an instruction for me?


Here is the answer:

1.Xhorse Key Tool Plus supports MQB48 Add/AKL and MQB49 Add, but MQB48 AKL is not supported.

2.For supported clusters, read immo data via OBD, if it fails, then buy data


How to Program MQB49/5C System?

*Only support Johnson MQB49/5C system

1.Calculate Online

OBD Read Immo Data is not supported, get data online

2.Check Immo Status

Check registered keys, if key is locked, if key is dealer key, etc.

3.Make Dealer Key

Generate dealer key by immo data, support normal dealer key and OEM key (online)

4.Learn Key

Learn both new and original key to the car, keys that are not learned will not be able to start car

5.Modify Key ID


More functions to be explored!


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