VVDI Key Tool Plus + MQB License Possible to Repair KM?

One customer wondered if VVDI Key Tool Plus with MQB License do repair KM?


The answer is Yes, MQB License includes KM Repair function.

How to Repair KM?

(1).Programmer reads files

1.1 Read NEC35xx chip

Programmer function read NEC35xx chip data

1.2 Read 95320 EEPROM

Programmer function read 95320 EEPROM chip data



(2).Load the NEC35xx chip file read by the programmer (if there is an EERPOM file, it is also necessary to load the EEPROM)


(3).Upload the file to the server, and then save the service mode file and the modified EEPROM file (if there is an external EEPROM)


(4).Call the programmer function to write the service mode file and EEPROM file (if there is an external EEPROM). If the write fails, you can use the<Programmer Write File>function to re write



Hope this could help!


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