VVDI Key Tool Plus is my favorite VS autel im608 / xtool autopropad

Some locksmiths are interested in buying Key tool Plus pad with all the solderless adapters as it’s supposed to be be vvdi, vvdi2 and vvdi mb all rolled into one. And there are already more and more locksmiths have one and confirm it’s a decent all-in-one devices and better and better.


Prefer VVDI Key Tool Plus to autel im608:

I have had the key tool plus since it came out, or close to it. It is not as good as my im608 (talking key functions only not diag stuff) but I can tell you that just in the short period of time of owning it I see great potential in VVDI Key Tool Plus machine. They have been doing a lot of updates, as long as they keep it up it will be where they claim it to be.

I can tell that I do sell a good amount of xhorse keys so for me to be able to use 1 machine to generate a key, and program a key all with 1 machine at 1 time is pretty cool. I love VW MQB, the xhorse mqb remotes work awesome, vag helper does what it does on any other machine.

Each of the different vvdi tools work good for what each one is designed to do. It was only a matter of time before xhorse moved to a tablet based machine instead of PC based, pretty much everyone else already has a tablet our. Bottom line is xhorse moving away from separate tools to a single tool is better for us locksmiths because instead of xhorse spending time on 5 or 6 core tools to keep them current they can put all there resources into 1 tool.


Prefer VVDI Key Tool Plus to xtool autopropad g2 turbo:

Look at xtools new autopropad g2 turbo, it’s added alot of eeprom stuff, so it’s a very good tool to compare the key tool plus against. And it’s priced at 3200 (last time I looked) and key tool plus can be bought for 2300 right now. So key tool plus is about 1k less.

I know alot of people talk crap about xhorse, but when it comes down to it xhorse is pretty darn good with European stuff, I love my autel im608 , but the 1 thing that was the deciding factor for me to buy it was I can’t think of a better tool for European to go along with the autel for when autel has slow servers,


I never bought the key tool plus thinking it was going to be my go to tool. My im608 subscription was up so instead of getting a subscription I put that money towards the key tool plus, I figured whatever online calculation stuff I can’t do with the autel I will be able to do with the key tool plus. I have only had 1 car where it wanted a active subscription. And it was on a ford add key, wouldn’t let me add a key. But it would let me do akl?  I have no idea either. And I have done several VW. Yes they were all paid per use ones thou.


Love VVDI Key Tool Plus because of cloud server for .bin uploads

Another cool feature that xhorse provides is the use of their cloud server for .bin uploads. So if I wanted to read a chip using the VVDI mini prog pen I could upload it and then write keys using another xhorse device that’s connected to the cloud.


VVDI Key Tool Plus Shortcoming:

the EIS adaptors don’t work with the KTP. Allegedly they’re developing a cable for the KTP to enable use, but for now those cradles only work with the vvdi prog.


*** More adapters will be updated.


Thanks to @ Scott Ford for his nice sharing.



I think IM608 is ok for starting key programming and learning, have some advantage because cover a lot of cars brand for the moment and because have also some diagnostic functions for cars what is very nice to have it, but not cover all you need and probably will need also extra tools, for example BMW and MB not support some coding and programming modules in car, for this Autel recomand Elite tool, IM608 not see to have DoIp protocol communications and VVDI Pad have it.

I think VVDI key plus pad is more news hardware on the market and prepared for newest car what will be in future on the market and will see if will cover also some old cars, I think will be best more for newest cars, VVDI pad not have now so much functions like IM608, but will bee add in time in future step by step, VVDI pad not have at diagnostic and coding modules now so big cover more can do VVDI2, but I think will add in future and if will make good job can be a good rival of IM608 or can be more better comparative with IM608, this will see only after some times, 1…2 years or more time.

The advantage of VVDI Pad I think is the newest hardware at the moment on the market tools, what will permit to add more complex functions if it was made very good with all protocol communication what will be in future on next generations of cars, in this case for VVDI Pad Plus will be simple to support newest functions for newest cars in future and IM608 I think will have some limitations in time if will not release newest hardware IMxxx in future. One example is programmer hardware update from old XP400 update at new XP400 Pro, what support some MCU in plus, the same situation I think will be with the Autel IM608 pad if at one moment will have some hardware limitation.

VVDI Key pad plus have the programmer function included in pad and you need only external adapters.

For VVDI Key pad I not like one aspect because use token when read password online for ID48 or for MB.

Also IM608 need some yearly extra payment if you need to update or need to use online functions, if you want to use some functions and if working only online you will need to pay the update after 1 year.

I think all tools from China try to copy or to find some solutions and to improve to the same functions what will be released for first time in the market by another best tool.

Thanks to @ ASCII for his nice sharing.

More will be updating…



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