Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)

This article is about Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. You will agree that Xhorse have a pretty good idea of what they want to accomplish with this tool.


What are the differences among VVDI Key Tool Plus and current VVDI2, VVDI MB, VVDI PROG?

Answer: The VVDI Key Tool Plus mainly solves the function of locksmith key matching. The programmer also provides basic functions. Because of the different positioning, the functions of VVDI2, VVDI MB, and VVDI PROG will still be very different in the future. KEYTOOL emphasizes key matching. The VVDI series will add professional functions such as programming, coding, parameter refresh, etc. In the future, the VVDI Key Tool Plus may not support these functions. Therefore, it is recommended that old customers keep the original equipment as much as possible, as migration is not the best choice.

What accessories does VVDI Key Tool Plus have?

Answer: Because this is the pre-sale of the product, we are still considering the standard accessories at the factory. We will listen to your suggestions and try to equip as many commonly used accessories as possible. Everything is subject to actual shipment.

Will VVDI2, VVDI MB Mercedes-Benz equipment and VVDI PROG programmer continue to be upgraded?

Answer: Please rest assured that we will continue to do a good job in the development and maintenance of VVDI series products. We will not stop upgrading and after-sales service. The equipment can continue to be used normally, and we will continue to strengthen the functions of VVDI series products in the future. In the future, new models will also be upgraded on the VVDI series equipment simultaneously.

Does the VVDI Key Tool Plus include the functions of the VVDI BIMTOOL BMW expert tool?

Answer: Not included.

Is this a replacement product of VVDI?

Answer: The VVDI Key Tool Plus is not a replacement product of the VVDI series. Please continue to use the original equipment with confidence. Thank you for your continued support.

What are the characteristics of the VVDI Key Tool Plus tablet?

Answer: The KEY TOOL super tablet is a professional locksmith tool, which integrates the main functions of remote control and chip function, anti-theft matching function, programmer function, accessory replacement function, maintenance reset and so on. It also reserves future expansion capabilities. One device can solve all the needs of daily work.

What about the original VVDI equipment after the VVDI Key Tool Plus tablet comes out?

Answer: The KEY TOOL super flat panel is used to fill the vacancy in the KEY TOOL series product line and provide a more convenient tool for the locksmith’s daily work. We will not stop the production and sales of VVDI2, VVDI MB, VVDI PROG and other products. Old customers can continue to use them. We will continue to provide development and upgrades without stopping services.

Your VVDI Key Tool Plus tablet is an extra-large KEYTOOL MAX, right?

Answer: This understanding is wrong, and it is also a misunderstanding of the KEY TOOL super tablet. VVDI Key Tool Plus adopts higher configuration hardware, supports more protocols and interfaces, of course, VVDI Key Tool Plus also includes all the functions of MAX.

How do you plan for the future of VVDI2, VVDI MB, VVDI BMW expert tools?

Answer: In the future, the VVDI series products will continue to be upgraded and will develop in the direction of more professional equipment, adding more professional functions such as programming, coding, parameter refresh, and positioning as professional equipment for professional locksmiths. KEY TOOL super tablet focuses on solving daily work needs, so each has its own advantages.

Can the VVDI Key Tool Plus tablet configuration work?

Answer: We have fully listened to the suggestions of the master locksmiths. Considering the sustainability of the product, we have adopted high-performance hardware configurations on the VVDI Key Tool Plus tablet, such as 8-core CPU, 4G memory, 128G storage, and 10.4 inch HD. The screen and other configurations are higher than the industry level, and it also integrates support for new technologies such as DOIP and CAN-FD to reserve sufficient space for future function expansion.

Will VVDI Key Tool Plus upgrades cost money in the future?

Answer: We have always insisted on free upgrades, and the main function upgrades of the tablet will also remain free. However, for the functions that have greater breakthroughs, such as the support of Mercedes-Benz FBS4, we will charge a certain upgrade fee because of the large R&D investment.

Does the IMMO matching function of VVDI Key Tool Plus support common joint venture cars and domestic cars?

Answer: The anti-theft matching function of the KEY TOOL super flat panel supports more than 90% of the common models on the market. At the same time, we will continue to improve and add new models, and these are free upgrades.


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