VVDI Key Tool Plus 2020 Ford Transit ID49 Add Key Success

This is a review of VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad:

2020 Ford Transit ID49 Hitag Pro Xhorse Smart MQB Remote Coding Key Tool Pad procedure.



Path: Ford>>China>>Model selection>>Transit>>Add key


Establish connection to read password.

1% password read please wait patiently 100% average takes 4-5 min password.

It may shows errors when reading password.


First try. not solved Err – 15 min contact open wait from the beginning repeat (the zero could not be resolved as soon as it started, it gave the error again, I closed the contact and opened the device, removed the OBD and installed it)


Try again. Started again %1% turn off the contact – open the contact with the key to encode, the coding is okay,


Credit to Gürcan Kutluca


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