V4.0.0 VVDI2 Key Programmer Software Install on WIN10

VVDI2 newest version is V4.0.0. And xhorse tools software like VVDI MB Tool, VVDI2 commander,VVDI Prog,software install on XP,WIN7,WIN 10 all is OK,not limit the operating system,please use it freely.Meanwhile,all the installation of xhorse tools software is very easy.For example,vvdi mb tool,extract the file you download,run vvdi mb tool is OK. VVDI2 software also very easy to install,please do not worry the installation,it will finish soon.

And here xhorsevvdi will display the software installation test on WIN10.

1.Download newest V4.0.0 VVDI2 software.

This is the free download link:https://mega.nz/#!ao4nBC7B!ypRO_riMsCLNFnxI5Ut4c-JiH5NljHFr1JiSyjbe1zg

2.Double click vvdi2 installer to start the installation.Then choose the Language.


3.According to the tips to continue the installation.


4.Then connect with vvdi2 to install the driver.


5.Software installation end.


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