Tips on Condor XC-MINI Cut Megane II smartcard key

Problem: Condor XC-MINI key cutter has problem Megane II smartcard key. As shown in the below picture, middle key is original. Also it read right the key Code.

Megane-II-smartcard-key-with-condor-mini-01 Megane-II-smartcard-key-with-condor-mini-02


Myself Condor mini key cutter made key file for these keys cut key correctly .Exact as middle photo .

tested on all different key blades I had in stock and working perfect.(original and more narrow and with Sharp point)

Must use 2.5mm cutter and .8mm spacer made from plastic cellphone card.

You could get 2.5mm cutter shown as below:

Very cheap, $12 free shipping.

 25mm-milling-cutter-03 25mm-milling-cutter-04