VVDI Key Tool APP V1.2.3 Newest Version Register and Log Successfully on IOS

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VVDI Key Tool APP V1.2.3 is released,and you can update your application to use latest version.And we tested successfully on IOS for register and log. 2019.5.10 Update:Please use new xhorse app.Or you will get server error.Like the pic one Xhorse,not… Continue Reading

V2.0.6 VVDI KEY TOOL Updated Information (2017-08-29)

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VVDI KEY TOOL V2.0.6 newest version is released on 08/28/2017.And you can use previous v2.3.9 vvdi key tool update tool software to update. 1.VVDI Key Tool V2.3.9 Update Tool Software Free Download https://mega.nz/#!QTx3yYKb!OW3Mc4sBaMqUSCUfWtPM4__Od-OPkemRe2j4EfPHRLo 2.V2.0.6 VVDI KEY TOOL Update Information Firmware version… Continue Reading