ISCANCAR VAG MM-007 Change NEC+24C64 KM Test OK


ISCANCAR VAG MM-007 can support MQB,CDC32XX,NEC+24C32,NEC+24C64 instrument KM,here we will display NEC+24C64 KM Change.And VAG MM-007 supports UK local shipping,most EURO countries are OK,and in Chinese new year holiday still OK in UK warehouse. 1.Connect ISCANCAR VAG MM-007 with car. 2.Choose Special… Continue Reading

How to use ISCANCAR VAG MM-007 Simulate MQB?

vag mm-007 simulator

Xhorse VAG MM007 now supports simulation of MQB platform Engine+Gateway+BCM. You can add MQB key with VAG MM-007 and dashboard. Here is some steps. 1: Collect control unit data, and use VAG MM007 to collect engine, gateway, and BCM data respectively.… Continue Reading