How To Reset VW cluster 3D With Xhorse Iscancar MM-007

Purpose: Odometer reset, from change 113001 km to 0 KM

Instrument cluster Model: VW 5N0 3d cluster with SW0705 and 1104

The tool used: Xhorse Iscancar V-A-G MM-007 Mileage Programmer


Step 1. Connect the Xhorse Iscancar MM007  to the car via OBD-Port.

Step 2.Choose “Special Function”–>”KM Calibration”–>”Dashboard”–>”NEC+24C64(2014.06-VW/SKODA/SEAT)”

  • BTW, after choosing NEC+24C64(2014.06-VW/SKODA/SEAT, we can learn Iscancar MM007  can reset mileage for Santana 2017, Polo 2017, Tiguan 2014-, Lavida 2017,Sagitar 2015-, Scirocco 2015.
  • Then press OK to continue

Step 3. Input the new mileage: 0 KM, then press OK.

Finally, the mileage change to 0km, write the new with KM Xhorse IScanner successfully!

VW-cluster-3D-change-km-with-MM-007-1 VW-cluster-3D-change-km-with-MM-007-2 VW-cluster-3D-change-km-with-MM-007-3 VW-cluster-3D-change-km-with-MM-007-4 VW-cluster-3D-change-km-with-MM-007-5 VW-cluster-3D-change-km-with-MM-007-6 VW-cluster-3D-change-km-with-MM-007-7