How to use Condor Dolphin XP-005 to Cut Keys Via Key Database,Key Duplication,Bitting?

condor dolphin xp-005

Condor Dolphin XP-005 key cutting machine support cut keys via key database,key duplication,cut by bitting, find bitting. Here we will display the detailed steps of each way. 1.How to use the key database? Three ways to make keys from the… Continue Reading

Condor Dolphin XP-007 Multi-Function Clamp Features

condor dolphin xp-007

Condor Dolphin XP-007 is new released manually key cutting machine, condor xc-002 probe is compatible with condor dolphin xp-007. And it is with multi-function clamp, we will introduce its features. 1.Support both house keys and car keys. 2.BMW, Benz, Ford… Continue Reading

Condor Dolphin Key Cutting Machine Toyota Key Duplicate

condor dolphin

Condor Dolphin key cutting machine support key duplicate if you have original key, and if you can not find your key type in database, you can check in universal type,then do key decode,and cut key. Here we take Toyota key… Continue Reading

How to use Condor Dolphin Cut Honda Activa 5G Key with M1 Clamp

condor dolphin

Condor Dolphin XP-007 key cutting machine support to cut Honda ACTIVA 5G Key via m1 clamp,here is the detailed steps. 1.Connect Condor Dolphin with phone app,start Condor dolphin. After connect successfully via bluetooth,it will display the serial number like following… Continue Reading

Xhorse Condor Dolphin XP-005 Key Cutting Machine Calibration Guide

condor dolphin calibration

Condor Dolphin XP-005 used on APP via bluetooth. And calibration of condor dolphin is similar like condor mini,here is the detailed steps. 1.Install Xhorse APP.Turn on Condor Dolphin,connect condor dolphin with phone. 2.Register and log in. Then choose Machine Parameter.… Continue Reading

How to update Xhorse Condor Dolphin XP-005

condor dolphin update

Condor Dolphin XP-005 new key cutting machine,use xhorse app on phone,you can update database in xhorse app. Condor dolphin update firmware via xhorse update kit software. Free Download 1.Condor Dolphin XP-005 Frimware Update Drivers!6vgy1IKQ!q1OFWsXyDQs8wbkv6OZ5fHGxsdEGEYUV1i2dWTpyDf4 2.Xhorse app Database udpate 3.Xhorse… Continue Reading

How to do Xhorse Dolphin machine calibration?

Xhorse Dolphin user is required to do these 4 steps of calibration before using this machine. -> Height level adjustment -> Cutting calibration ->Clamp calibration M1 ->Clamp calibration M2 Prepare: One phone (Android or IOS is ok) with Bluetooth Screwdriver Download… Continue Reading

Xhorse Condor Dolphin Key Cutting Machine Cut Hyundai Verna Key

condor dolphin

Condor Dolphin is the latest portable automatic key cutting machine with a built-in battery inside. And it has all the capabilities of Condor XC Mini. And condor dolphin can bind with VVDI MB Tool to get one token free everyday,we sale… Continue Reading