(Solved) VVDI Pro read EZS & get message check USB and drivers

I have installed Vvdi-prog and try to connect( read Different ezs)
But won’t work, getting message check USB and drivers.
Installed latest software/installed both drivers still nothing
I have Windows 7 ( vvdi-mb already installed and works perfect ) !!

Finally, this problem was solved:

Reinstalled software, Changed USB cable. Everything works Good. VVDI Pro works perfectly.

FYI, when I met the above problem, several friends shared their experience and gave me tips, I think they are helpful so share with you here:

Tip 1:

download VVDI update tool
Update FW and check again !!!
before time I have same problem after update FW all is ok !!!

Tip 2:

Change usb cable connect external power. (After I feedback I did like the first tip and the same problem, another user advised me do like this).

Thanks for MH forum

Thanks for Laurance who share the tips.


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