Reviews and Using Tips: Xhorse King Card Smart Remote

Here we have collected some info on the new Xhorse King Card Smart Remote, including some issues and questions when they’re using this smart remote.


Basic info:


Size: 44*74*5mm

Thickness: 3/16-inch / 5mm

Weight 1.164oz / 33g


4 buttons: Lock, Unlock, Trunk and Panic.

2 built-in 3V batteries

No key blade

Many colors available (currently diamond blue and sky blue)



On type, King card is smart remote (XS ranges)

So it can be generated by Xhorse Key Programmers and programmed by Xhorse or other devices.


For the support list, Xhorse Programmers will give you supported key types (Wired / Wireless…) after you enter a specific key option, and King Card belongs to Smart Remote.

Or just contact us.

Generally, King Card can generate smart cards.



Q: Is it compatible with TOYOTA smart key?

A: No, Toyota smart card can only be generated by Xhorse XM Smart Key.


Q: King Card has remote start buttons?

A: Yes if the vehicle has the function, it’ll support remote start function via button modification on “VVDI Smart Key Customization”.



Review 1

King Card doesn’t fit in the Key Tool Max key coil, so it’s hard to generate it because of a bad connection, have to hold it there, or tried laying flat and it started but error out.


Xhorsevvdi technician answers: Make sure software and firmware are the latest versions, reboot your device, and try again.


Review 2

I don’t find it difficult to change the batteries there are 2 for longevity. I know they do not have key blades and they are glued together there is no lid to replace the battery, but if customers complain then that product isn’t for them.

Procedure on battery replacing (a tweezer will be enough):

Photos by Scott and Richard:




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