Program and adapt BCM2 VAG cars, what software offline?

Question ” What software offline do you recommend to programming and adaptation BCM2 VAG cars? – situation all keys lost. -or bcm is gone”.



Depend from which year is the car.
vag helper and Xhorse vvdi2 works good.
only vvdi2 can do over obd works till 2013, bcm2 after 2014 it cannot do, because crypted.

For bcm2 locked, is possible to get immo and synch data by obd data collect and by it.with vvdi2 is this possible.

You can collect data with vvdi2 and can by immo and synch data by MHH forum or some others. also for crypted newer bcm2 and also mqb cars.


VVDI2 can adapt these units:
This can adapt 2nd unit to new car, synchronization ECU with immobilizer.
Supports following types:
1) ECU (EDC16/EDC17/MED9/MED17/Simos) – 4th immobilizer ECU
2) Kessy Audi A8, VW Touareg/Phaeton
3) Passat B6 /CC Comfort module
4) A6/Q7/Allroad Transmission gearbox
5) Electrical Steering Colum Lock(PQ35)
6) A6/Q7/Allroad EZS-Kessy

Read this article: VVDI2 can adapt 2nd BCM to Polo 2015

It has detailed instructions on the above supported adaptive units.


vvdi2 is good for keys,for change, programming new bcm2 not, immo is incomplete


Xhorse vvdi2 can do easy bcm2 change with bcm2 dump tool, from dump is over internet.

VVDI2 don’t worth only for this 1 job, if you not often use it, better you contact someone who have OBD helper+vvdi2, if you need cheaper bring car to dealer, buy new key and it’s done.