Lexus 570 Unlock Smart key & add key with Xhorse vvditool max and OBDSTAR Keymaster

Confirmed!Lexus LX 570 can unlock SmartKey Toyota/Lexus with XHORSE Keytool Max and program a new SmartKey Lexus 570 with OBDSTAR Key Master machines



Step 1. Unlock 

Enter VVDI MAX APP select “Special function”>>“unlock Toyota smartkey”

Then,Put the toytota key into the VVD KEY TOOL MAX  high-frequency detection area, press “Unlock”

Lexus-570-Unlock-Smart-key-and-add-smart-key-with-Xhorse-vvditool-max-and-obdstar-x300-pro4-02 Lexus-570-Unlock-Smart-key-and-add-smart-key-with-Xhorse-vvditool-max-and-obdstar-x300-pro4-03 Lexus-570-Unlock-Smart-key-and-add-smart-key-with-Xhorse-vvditool-max-and-obdstar-x300-pro4-04

Unlock key successfully.

Step 2. Add Key

Connect the OBDSTAR X300 PRO4 Key MASTER 5 with the vehicle via OBD port,turn on the OBDSTAR device
Then select Diag program >>Immobiliser>>Toyota/Lexus>>Proximity>>Selecct Lexus -Type1>>Program smart key




  1. Each procedure has to complete within the specified time
  2. Put an emulator key close the ignition switch and turn it ON till the dashboard is list
  3. Put an available key chose to the ignition switch and turn ignition ON , thenbuzzer beeps once BUZZER BEEPS ONCE
  4. Use a new smart key to contact the stat button


Process success!!!


Check the smart key,it works


Programming Lexus LX 570 remote by Xhorse vvditool max and OBDSTAR Keymaster complete,BTW, to add  Lexus keys, you also can use the Xhorse VVDI KEY TOOL PLUS