How to use Xhorse XDBASK Toyota 8A Smart Key Adapter with Key Tool Plus?

New XM38 Toyota smart key add key for all key lost requires data collection and calculation, and now you can use the VVDI Key Tool Plus to connect to the Internet for data processing to generate keys. This function needs to collect data from the ECU on the vehicle, the original OBD 8A Adapter cannot perform this function, it needs to be equipped with this new Xhorse 8A smart adapter.


Xhorse XDBASK Toyota 8A Smart Key Adapter is divided into two parts:
Transfer adapter and cables. The smart authentication unit 89990 on the new smart Toyota has two types of plugs, so the connector is divided into: TOY-C1 TOY-C2. Compared with the car’s IMMO box (ID code box), the location of the intelligent authentication unit is easier to find and operate. No worry about the complicated operation and disassembly when adding keys.



Xhorse XDBASK Toyota 8A Smart Key Adapter Connection Diagram


Now we will introduce how to connect Xhorse XDBASK Toyota 8A Smart Key Adapter
Xhorse XDBASK Main Adapter


And two connector cables
The connector cable is divided into: TOY-C1 TOY-C2
depends on the new smart Toyota ECU tyes

After we choose TOY-C1 or C2
We connect the little connector from C1 or C2 with Main Adapter

Main Adapter power port no need connect anything

Then, Main Adapter insert on key tool plus

Use KeyTool Plus main test cable connect with Main Adapter another side

and KTP main cable OBD connector connect with car OBD

TOY-C1 or C2 connector connect with car ECU

After all connect well
You can do the data collecting