How to use VVDI2 Program Peugeot 3008 Key Remote?

VVDI2 transponder programming software can prepare remote.Here is blog about VVDI2 Program Peugeot 3008 Key Remote.

vvdi2 prepare remote

Currently when install VVDI2 the remote database will be Chinese remote database(customer can replace bin file to change remote database version).
next version will add option for customer selection one version remote database(any version customer can select just one time), then all new versions will automatic update remote database.

Peugeot 3008 Key

vvdi2 peugeot remote

Insert the key into VVDI2.

vvdi2 prepare remote

Start Transponder programmer software.

vvdi2 transponder programming

Choose the car key detailed type.

vvdi2 prepare remote

vvdi2 prepare remote

Click “Prepare Remote”.

vvdi2 remote

Click OK.Finish.

vvdi2 remote

Start VVDI2 software,choose PSA software,read PIN Code.


Do the key learning.