How to use VVDI Prog Unlock BMW F Series PCF7953 Remote Key?

VVDI Prog support to unlock remote key,and here we will add BMW F Series PCF7953 remote key as example.VVDI Prog will need to use PCF79XX adapter,you can check our bundle package VVDI Prog Plus PCF79XX adapter,and VVDI Prog new adapters like EWS3,M35080/D80,EEPROM Clip adapter are all OK now.

1.VVDI Prog and VVDI2 connected with key chip.Use VVDI2 transponder programming software to detect transponder.

vvdi prog and vvdi2

Auto detect.

vvdi prog unlock

2.After VVDI2 detect,it shows blocked status.

vvdi prog

3.Start VVDI Prog software,choose detailed type,check connection diagram.

vvdi prog unlock

4.Click “Reset Security”,press Yes to continue.

vvdi prog bmw unlock

5.Open the EEPROM dump file.

vvdi prog renew

6.Switch to PROM part,and click save,yes to continue.

vvdi prog

7.Back to EEPROM Part,and open eeprom file.Save it.

vvdi prog bmw renew

8.Use VVDI2 transponder programming software check again,it is unblock status.

vvdi prog bmw renew