How to use VVDI Prog and VVDI2 Program BMW X3 EWS4.4 2007?

VVDI PROG software add EWS4.X(ADAPTER) option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-> (Need EWS4 ADAPTER).And this blog is about VVDI PROG and VVDI2 program 2007 year BMW X3.In the process,it will need,vvdi prog programmer,vvdi2,and vvdi prog ews4 adapter.

1.Read IC 2L86D with VVDI PROG and EWS4 adapter.

vvdi2 and vvdi prog

vvdi2 and vvdi prog

1.1.Choose IMMO BMW EWS4 in VVDI PROG software.

vvdi prog ews4 adapter

1.2.Click read ID.

vvdi prog ews4

1.3 Read and save file.

2.Use VVDI2 Program chip.

2.1 Choose transponder programmer software in VVDI2 software.

vvdi2 bmw ews4

2.2 Check adding chip:7935 blank.


2.3 Choose “IMMO Data Tool”,then choose detailed type:EURO BMW EWS4.


2.4 Load eeprom file.

2.5 Choose Key 4 as previous keys are used.Put chip into vvdi2 hole.And then make dealer key.

2.6 Make dealer key,and process successfully.

3.Test key on your car.