How to use VVDI Key Tool Clone ISUZU Dmax ID46 Chip?

VVDI Key Tool Transponder cloning 46 42 11 12 4D,and we have displayed Honda ID46,ID46 chip generate remote.And today,we will add VVDI Key Tool Clone ISUZU Dmax ID46 Chip.

VVDI Key Tool

1.Choose “TP Clone” from VVDI Key Tool screen.

vvdi key tool clone

2.Insert the original key into left coil,and press OK to clone.

vvdi key tool transponder clone

xhorse vvdi key tool

3.Put the top antenna near the ignition coil,press OK button to sniff data.

Turn on the ignition one time with the car’s key.

vvdi key tool

Keep the car’s key into the left coil,press OK button to calculate the password.

Calculate OK.Put a new 7936 or SN-02 in the coil,Press OK to clone data.

vvdi key tool id46 vvdi key tool vvdi key tool id46 clone

4.Clone successfully.Test the key on your car.

vvdi key tool 46 copy