How to use Condor Dolphin XP007 Key Cutting Machine Cut Key?

Xhorse Condor DOLPHIN XP-007 Key Cutting Machine is new manually key cutting machine,it will release later time. And Condor dolphin XP-007 supports to cut Sided, Track & Dimple keys.

1.Put original key on the right place of clamp,and fasten it.

condor dolphin xp007

condor dolphin xp007

2.Put new key blade on left place of clamp,fasten it.

3.Turn Condor XP007 key cutting machine on, hold the two handle to set the hight and position.

4.Set the position well,then start to track and cut.

After cut one side OK,change another side to cut.

Condor DOLPHIN XP-007 Condor DOLPHIN XP-007