How to recognize VVDI key tool English version remotes before buying?

vvdi xhorse tool To answer the above question:

1.Please update VVDI key tool to latest firmware version 2.0.6 first [update software version 2.3.9] (all different version released except India version)

  1. can only be recognize when you generate remote.

English version key tool will show ” Firmware is too low” when you try code China remote.

  1. PCB, cover …exactly this same

English version is pack into yellow envelope, not in transparent box

  1. All English version remotes can use for all overseas device(except India(in)/Malaysia(ma)/China(ch) version),such as Europe(eu)/NorthAmerican(na) they can use same version remotes.

To have English version remotes, visit:

Attach a table including all:

Item No Xhorse VVDI key tool remote pictures Xhorse VVDI remote key name Color Package Price (Free shipping)
SA1669-1 xhorse-vw-ds-remote-key-3buttons-sa1669-1 Volkswagen DS Style Universal Remote 3 Button Black 5pcs / lot $39.99
SA1674-1 xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-toyota-remote-key-3-button-sa1674-1 XHORSE Toyota Universal Remote 3 Button Black 5pcs / lot $49.99
SA1682-1 xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-toyota-type-wireless-remote-key-sa1682-1 Toyota Style Wireless Universal Remote 3 Button Black 5pcs / lot $39.99
SA1499-1  vw-b5-type-remote-key-sa1499-1 Volkswagen B5 style Remote 3 Button Black,red, blue, green, yellow 5pcs / lot $34.99
SA1500-1 audi-a6l-q7-intelligent-folding-remote-key-sa1500-1 A6L Q7 Style Universal Remote Key 3 Button Black 5pcs / lot $39.99
SA1670-1 xhorse-ds-style-wireless-universal-remote-key-3-buttons-sa1670-1 DS Style Wireless Universal Remote 3 Button Black 5pcs / lot $49.99
DS Type Wireless Universal Remote Key 3 Buttons Black Individually Packaged $12.99
SA1671-1 xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-hyundai-type-universal-remote-key-3-buttons-sa1671-1 Hyundai Style Remote 3 Button Black 5pcs / lot $54.99