How to Insert TOY48 Blank into Xhorse Toyota XM38 Remote?


Toyota XM38 Remote, cannot get TOY48 blank (i.e. 2012 Highlander or 2010 style Prius prox key) to insert into case. It only goes as far as photo. Is there a trick?


Only one-side TOY48 blanks fit in XM38 Remote, and we need to modify other blanks before inserting them.


See other locksmiths’ methods:

1)Cut off the openings and shave off a bit at the root of the toy48 blade. Do both and it will be fine. Extra 10 min. Don’t cut your hand

2)Shave off the inside of the case. I have done about 10 no problem

3)shorten blade to minimum length eg. the old one, then edit case


Hope this could help!