How to identify NEC chip using VVDI MB Tool?

Question: How to identify this NEC chip? I know its keyless go. But on VVDI MB ? Which one?

identify-nec-chip-vvdi-mb-tool-01 identify-nec-chip-vvdi-mb-tool-02 identify-nec-chip-vvdi-mb-tool-03


Answer here you can refer to Rom –> version. 031 it is Rom 42 XHORSE vvdi MB can renew and write it.

identify-nec-chip-vvdi-mb-tool-04 identify-nec-chip-vvdi-mb-tool-05


For your information, for the chip on the image 1 board, it is the Transponder Chip for Benz Smart Key Dedicated NEC:




It can only be written once.