How to Decode and Cut Renault Laguna3 Key Blade?


I can crochet the lock of Renault Laguna3 but impossible to make a proper reading to cut.

6 drill blades and still no correct combination

I don’t understand when they say you have to read it backwards.



1.Lock – How to Disassemble Lock?


2.Decode – What does Backwards/ Reverse mean when reading with laguna3 lishi?

When you decode the lock and have your reading say 123443 reverse the values in positions 3 and 6 , so enter cuts in machine of 122442 and key will work.


3.Cut – Feedback:

Finally managed to cut a key correctly.

Decode everything at the top and take in Xhorse XP005L size by code, va2eh2 sheet ID1923, on raise the blade with a small hold like piece of credit card and it goes quiet.

This hold is also used for the XP005L with M5 Mounts.



Thanks to DiagAuto Cle, Martin…

Hope this could help!