How to Cut Aluminum/Plastic Key Fob by Xhorse Key Cutting Machine?

Today xhorsevvdi is going to show you how to cut a key fob made of Aluminum or Plastic using Xhorse key cutting machine.


For Aluminum/plastic key, Xhorse key cutting machines support key cutting, but do Not support key decoding. So, we need to get key depth info first in other ways before key cutting.



Range Rover Sport 2012



VVDI Key Tool Max

Dolphin XP-005 Key Cutting Machine

Great value package recommend:

Incorrect Demo (Do Not Follow)

Switch to XP-005 page, select

Vehicle Database>>Land Rover>>Other>>HU101

Here select “Decode key” and the probe will be broken.



Get key depth details by other decoders, and customize depth to cut key.


A Possible Approach – Learn key via photo.

Take a photo of key fob as instructions

how-to-cut-aluminum-plastic-key-fob-by-xhorse-key-cutting-machine-1 how-to-cut-aluminum-plastic-key-fob-by-xhorse-key-cutting-machine-2

Select “Next” to set up depth by moving bits.


Select “Succeed” to finish setting.


Select “Cutting key” and check “Plastic key/Aluminum key cutting”.


Finish calibration and cutting as prompts.

The new key fob is not perfect, but can open the door.


Alright, keys like VW Passat emergency blade(Plastic) or Range Rover smart key(Aluminum) may be a trouble to Xhorse key cutting tool, but it’s not a problem if you manage to get key depth info.


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