How to Choose Xhorse Super Vag K+Can Scanner? includes two super vag k+can scanner:Super Vag K+Can V4.6 and Super Vag K+CAN Plus V2.0.Both of them are original Xhorse immo and vag scanner.How to choose the suitable one?

new-super-vag-k-can-multiplexer new-super-vag-k-can-plus-multiplexer

1.Software version and update method

Super VAG K+CAN V4.6:newest version is V4.8,but update to V4.8 will be blue screen,so please do not update it,or it needs to send back for repair.

Super VAG K+CAN Plus 2.0:V2.0 is the newest version.

Both of them support update online.


2.Comparison about Super VAG K+CAN V4.6 and Super VAG K+CAN Plus 2.0

  • 1.Super VAG K+CAN V4.6 is better for the car that support K-line protocol.
  • 2.Super VAG K+CAN Plus 2.0 is better for the car models that support CAN protocol.
  • 3.Super VAG K+CAN Plus 2.0 support change mileage for the newer car models, while Super VAG K+CAN V4.6 support change mileage for the older car models.
  • 4.Super VAG K+CAN Plus 2.0 supports reading more car’s pin code.


3.What you need attention for Super Vag K+CAN Scanner

3.1.Super VAG K+CAN Plus 2.0 support odometer correction for the car models after 2007 year. It cannot work well with Audi A4 and TT.

3.2.These two Super Vag K+CAN Scanner only support vag group cars:VW,AUDI,SKODA,SEAT.Other car brands like Honda,Nissan,it can not support,we receive several inquiry to ask whether can support Honda mileage programming,it can not.

3.3.Super VAG K+CAN V4.6 can not support update to V4.8,or it will be blue screen.