How Does Godiag FEM/BDC Test Platform work with Xhorse Key Tool Plus?

Godiag FEM / BDC test platform can program new key, can add new key and replace FEM / BDC ECU module by working together with Godiag GT100 & Xhorse vvdi2 / VVD bim tool/ Key Tool Plus.

Here is the guide on how to FEM BDC test platform use add a spare key on bench with VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad


Prepare: Wiring diagram of GODIAG FEMBDC Test Platform and Xhorse vvdi key tool plus



Main steps:

1.Verify original key
2.Check the new key
3.Add key with vvdi key tool plus
(This BDC has been preprocessed in advance)
4.First get the key information
5.Ready to generate dealer key

  • Select the location of the key
  • put in the original key to read the ISN
  • Put in the new key
  • Generate dealer key …

6.Check if the original key and new key works properly
All OK works done!

Video operation