Free Download V7.7 BMW Multi Tool Software

BMW Multi Tool BMW Key Programming Tool,newest V7.7 verison.For all xhorse tools,please use the newest version.If you lose the software,please contact us to get download link.


1.BMW Multi Tool Advantage

1.Powerful Than AK300!!!

2. Support Encrypt CAS3 and CAS4.You need CAS4 Adapter if you want to do BMW CAS4.

3.Compared with original AVDI, this BMW MULTI TOOL support add spare keys for CAS 3/3+, also support all key lost. While AVDI does not support.


2.Free Download V7.7 BMW Multi Tool Software

BMW Multi Tool V7.7 Software


3.V7.7 BMW Multi Tool Update:

V7.7 Update tips:
1.Fix CAS4 make key procedure. If first make key not success, it can be use next time until it make success.
2.Normal bugfix

V7.6 Update:

1. Fix the bug that CAS4 key won’t work after generation failure. Now, CAS4 key can continue to be used before done, it could be matched for other vehicles.
2. Other bug fixup.