Ford HU101 Key Cutting: Xhorse Condor II vs. Gymkana 994

In this article we are going to compare two machines — Xhorse Condor Mini Plus II and Gymkana 994 — to see which one cuts Ford HU101 faster.


Make both to the screen before cutting.

Condor II slows down since it tells if it is a wrong cutter.

They both use 2.5mm cutter this time.

Hit Start buttons at same time.


They are about exact same time.


Swap Condor II cutter to a 1.5mm cutter.

Try again.

Gymkana machine finishes one side.


Condor machine with a smaller diameter cutter takes a little longer like a few seconds.


Review from One customer:

I would think that the 1.5mm would be a more accurate cut than the 2.5. Not sure if that really makes a difference if both keys work??? The real question when buying tools is reliability. I would rather have a machine that maybe doesn’t cut as fast but I know that it is going to do the job each and every time


What do you think of the speed to a Key Cutting Machine?


Pictures via locksny.