Get Condor XC-MINI Plus VVDI MB BGA Tool Bundle Package

VVDI MB BGA Tool we have two versions on our website.One is only for Condor xc-mini key cutting machine customer only,it is almost half price compared with VVDI MB BGA all customer one.But if you also want to buy key cutting machine,purchase VVDI MB BGA for Condor customer Plus XC-MINI Key Cutting Tool bundle package,this will be a perfect combination.


1.What is difference of two VVDI MB BGA Tool

Both of them are original xhorse brand tools,and functions,outlook,package list are all the same.

The only difference is SK185-B VVDI MB TOOL is for condor key cutting customer only,it is just like a special setting and discount for xhorse regular customer.

Before shipment,the SK185-B VVDI MB BGA Tool for Conor Cutter customers,this VVDI MB Tool needs to open authorization,customer need offer XC-MINI Condor serial number.


2.Condor XC-MINI Plus VVDI MB BGA Tool Advantage

1.Better price to buy bundle package,save more.You can get about 10% discount.

2.Every day,one time free to calculate password.BGA Calculator Password is free to get once a day. For second time, price is 44.99USD. It takes 4 minutes to collect data, and 2 minutes to calculate.

3.Free update online.VVDI MB newest version is V2.1.1.

4.Free shipping by DHL.


3.VVDI MB and MINI Condor Package

confor-xc-mini-and-vvdi-mb-bga-2 xhorse-vvdi-mb-bga-programmer-new-9

(Get New  Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Key Cutting Machine)