Condor XC-MINI Plus Cut 2019 Kia Rio KK12 key OK

Xhorse Condor MINI Plus is update version of Condor xc-mini key cutting machine with adjustable screen. And we share on more review for Condor mini plus cut 2019 Kia Rio KK12 key OK. xhorse-condor-xc-mini-plus-key-cutting-detail-4

We received customer feedback that: Hi, I am currently trying to see if the XC-Mini Plus can cut a KK12 key for a 2019 kia rio, I updated the software, and I do not see the kk12 in the list.

I do not have the original key, the vehicle had all keys lost. Here is the key fitment if that helps, it is a 8 cut centermilled high security.


Ilco KK12-P Kia/Hyundai Auto Plastic Key

Fits: 2016-2018 Kia Optima 2018-2019 Kia Rio 2019 Kia Forte


Please choose KIA,and then choose K5, and 2016-

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