Condor Dolphin XP-005/Condor MINI Plus Probe Broken Tips

Condor Dolphin XP-005/Condor MINI Plus automatic key cutting machine, sometimes we received feedback that the probe is broken, here we will introduce some tips for the probe and condor key cutting machine.

The Condor Dolphin Condor XC-MINI Plus and probe basic working principle is conductivity, probe is made by metal. It detects the position of the key and reads the key data, which must be run through conductivity.

1. Magotan, the Touareg’s plastic key is definitely not supported. If you use these plastic keys with condor CNC key cutting machine, the probe will break.


2. Volvo, Land Rover, there are some small keys, the key blade material is aluminum. Aluminum does conduct electricity, but aluminum is particularly susceptible to oxidation in the air, then it will produce alumina, which will be adhered on the key surface. As we know the alumina is non-conductive. Therefore, the aluminum key cannot be read directly. If you want to read it, please use sandpaper and polish it on all sides before reading the key.


3. Make sure the key is clean. For example, the key in the picture below has butter in the middle. If you read it directly, it is easy to break the needle.


And has probe to sell, it is compatible with both Condor dolphin xp-005 and condor xc-mini plus.

1.0mm Tracer Probe for IKEYCUTTER Condor XC-MINI/XC-007/Dolphin Key Cutting Machine